What to do in Los Angeles in one day

Los Angeles is a city of sunshine and celebrities, known for its neighborhoods like Hollywood and Beverly Hills. The city is brimming with fame and luxury. You will experience all of this on you Los Angeles day trip. You will stay at the Luxe Rodeo Drive hotel nestled in Beverly Hills. Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard are right outside the door and you will love wandering through the high-end shops on these iconic shopping streets. Take a break the healthy way in the environmentally conscious and adorably quaint Gravité Cafe. Madam Tussauds Wax Museum is an absolute must visit spot with its wax sculptures created in the spitting image of all your favorite celebrities. At lunch time, you should definitely head over to Musso and Frank Grill to enjoy some delicious steak in this old Hollywood landmark

After a lunch in an iconic restaurant walk over to two other famous Hollywood landmarks. Walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and then see the celebrity handprints at the Grauman Chinese Theater. Stop for a coffee break at the laid back Coffee Commissary and then head up into the Hollywood Hills to walk the paths of Griffith Park. From here you can see the famous Hollywood Sign. Stroll over to the Griffith Observatory to learn about astronomy and to see a beautiful view of Downtown Los Angeles. As the sun goes down, try the enchanting restaurant Terrine for a delightful dinner and atmosphere. The Groundlings Theater is the perfect place to spend an evening laughing harder than you ever have. Then head to the Palihouse Rooftop Bar for drinks and end your night at the famous Roxbury nightclub. From start to finish this day in LA is one you will never forget

09:00 – Stay in the Heart of Beverly Hills Luxury at the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel

When you come to Los Angeles, there is no better place to stay than on Rodeo Drive in the famous Beverly Hills. Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel is a gorgeous boutique hotel with all the Hollywood glamour you would expect here in Southern California. You will be greeted at the entrance by towering palm trees and warm elegant lobby. The friendly staff will welcome you as you check in at the front desk. Enjoy the very California atmosphere at this wonderful boutique hotel. Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel is a great introduction to your Los Angeles day trip

The lobby of the hotel is luxurious and bright and the other rooms of the hotel are equally warm and elegant. There are several cozy seating areas with plush velvet couches and interesting lights and decorations. There are a bar and an outdoor patio as well as an open rooftop, which offers an incredible view of the surrounding Beverly Hills areas. You will enjoy looking out over the glamour streets around the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel. This delightful hotel offers lots of amenities and the staff is always eager to help. You will love the ambience and the views here in Beverly Hills

The rooms at the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel are clean. California sunlight streams in through the elegant windows. The rooms are decorated for the ultimate peaceful experience. There are lovely candles, flowers and cool colors all throughout the room. Every detail of this splendid hotel feels personal and calming. You will love the atmosphere and the welcoming nature of the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel. Enjoy the beautiful environment of this charming hotel before heading out onto Rodeo Drive to do some shopping  // Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel – 360 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

09:30 – Shop in True Hollywood Style on the famous Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard

Two of California’s most famous streets are Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard, here in the heart of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. These streets are luxurious and unique and home to some of the city’s best and most high-end shops. Get ready for a fun experience wandering among these elegant stores. You will feel like a Hollywood elite as you pop into these star-studded shops to see what is fresh in Hollywood fashion these days. It’s a once in a lifetime shopping experience

Some of the fancy and luxurious boutiques here on Rodeo drive are well-known names like Armani, Gucci, Coco Chanel, Valentino, Cartier, and Yves Saint Laurent, to name a few. The most expensive store in the world is on Rodeo Drive, Bijan. At Bijan, you have to make an appointment just to come and shop and it features incredible high-end men’s fashion that will definitely break the bank. A single pair of socks goes for $50. The beautiful Rodeo Drive is a gorgeous winding street perfect for you to walk around and window shop

Sunset Boulevard is a long winding road that starts in downtown Los Angeles but meets up with Rodeo Drive in West Hollywood where it becomes the Sunset Strip. Here it paves through Bel-Air and features many clubs, restaurants, and high-end boutiques where many stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Winona Ryder come to shop and hang out.  Hanging out on the strip will make you feel like a real Los Angeles local hanging out and shopping in Beverly Hills. This is an essential Los Angeles day trip experience  // Rodeo Drive – N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA

10:30 – Be Good to the Environment While Sipping on a Delicious Cup of Coffee at Gravité

If there is one thing Californians love, it is an earthy, all-natural vibe. Gravité Café is that quintessential organic café that offers a warm and bright atmosphere and coffee and sweets that you will not have to feel guilty about consuming. They specialize in coffee, tea, juices and smoothies and many of their options are vegan, paleo, or gluten-free. They strive for health and sustainability in their products and their environment and you will feel healthier just walking into Gravité

The coffee at Gravité comes from organic roasters in several different roasting options. Their cold brew coffee is delicious and perfect on a sunny LA day. They also offer a variety of tea lattes like the classic matcha green tea latte or the unique Moroccan mint latte. They have fresh juice and wonderful smoothies and if you are feeling brace order one of their healing shots that is a shot glass filled with natural herbs and juices that will revitalize your body. Their food is fantastic as well. The new food trend, smoothie bowls, are front and center at this café with lots of delicious fruits and granola packed into a bowl. They also have a variety of bagels and wonderful brunch options all of which are all-natural and tasty

The quirky and cozy atmosphere matches perfectly with Gravité’s interesting menu. There are nice round wooden tables accompanied by mismatched chairs. Antique pictures hang on the walls and the décor is all very simple and no fuss. Big windows at the front of the café let the sunlight stream in. The staff here is very friendly and happy to talk with you about their food and drinks and organic lifestyle. You will feel healthy and good after a morning stop at Gravité it is a beautiful quintessential LA experience  // Gravité – 9107 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

11:00 – Hang Out With Your Favorite Stars at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

When you come to Hollywood, you will probably be hoping to see a few celebrities while you’re here. Madame Tussauds offers that chance, or at least as close as you could hope to come. The famous wax figure museum features incredible lifelike wax sculptures of all your favorite movies stars, musicians, and public figures. The famous wax museum originated in London, but its most well-known location is the one right here in Hollywood. Celebrities come to visit their wax likenesses, and now you can enter into this fascinating museum and see for yourself

You will walk a red carpet leading up to Madame Tussauds wax museum in Hollywood, and you will begin to feel like a star yourself. Once inside, all your favorite celebrities are there waiting for you. There are figures from old Hollywood like Fred Astaire, Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe. Then of course, there are the modern day stars like Tom Hanks, Taylor Swift, and Will Smith. The museum doesn’t stop with movie stars and A-list celebrities; they also feature President Barack Obama. Get ready for a star-studded experience here at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds museum is not just a place to come and see the wax figures of A-list celebrities. It’s also very interactive. You can sit down at the table with Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s or dance with Michael Jackson. There are lots of props and sets that make for great photo ops. This museum is a fun place to hang out with all your favorite movie stars. Snap some pictures with Jennifer Lopez and make all your friends back home jealous  // Madame Tussauds Wax Museum – 6933 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

12:30 – Eat at the Iconic and Unique Old Hollywood Steakhouse Musso and Frank Grill

Musso and Frank Grill is a Los Angeles staple and one of the oldest restaurants in the area. It opened in 1919 and has been one of the most popular restaurants in Hollywood since then. Back in the day, directors and writers would meet up at Musso and Frank Grill to discuss scripts and make casting decisions. Charlie Chaplin was a regular here and Elizabeth Taylor, Jimmy Stewart and Groucho Marx all stopped by from time to time. Come see what made this restaurant a favorite spot among old Hollywood’s stars. You will love having lunch here at Musso and Frank Grill

This classic Hollywood restaurant has wonderful vintage steakhouse décor. Dim lighting and wood and leather seating add to the classic old feel of the Musso and Frank Grill. The helpful waiters are smartly dressed in red and black uniforms. Sit in one of their cozy red leather booths or up close to the action at the bar. Enjoy the atmosphere. You will feel right at the center of old Hollywood in this classic dining spot. Order a classy martini to get you started and enter into the suave vibes of this gorgeous old restaurant

Musso and Frank Grill is a steakhouse so order a rib-eye and get ready to enjoy an incredible meal. If meat isn’t really your thing, they have plenty of pasta options as well as seafood, soups, salads and loads of delicious sides. Don’t skip on desserts either. They have so many amazing things to choose from like their cobbler of the day, key lime pie and cheesecake among other things. You will have an incredible meal from start to finish. Enjoy the classic Hollywood ambience and wonderful food // Musso and Frank Grill – 6667 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

14:00 – See the Famous Stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame and Check Out the Hand and Footprints of Your Favorite Celebrities at Grauman’s Chinese Theater

There are two iconic rites of passage for any Hollywood movie star, having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and cementing hand and footprints at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The Hollywood Walk of fame stretches for 15 blocks and runs white by the Theater making it the perfect afternoon walk and sightseeing tour. Head over to Hollywood Boulevard to walk among the stars and see both of these landmarks

The stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame feature a wide variety of famous names that have contributed to Hollywood’s greatness. Some are recent additions and others are names of old Hollywood movie stars from decades ago. It’s not just movie stars whose names appear on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, singers, directors, writers and TV and radio personalities have their names commemorated as well. Beneath each name has a small symbol beneath it indicating the genre that the celebrity comes from. Check out the stars of everyone from Lassie the dog and Big Bird to John Lennon and Adam Sandler

A few blocks down Hollywood Boulevard is Grauman’s Chinese Theater. This is one of the most famous theaters in the world because of the long-standing tradition of celebrities have their handprints and footprints cemented into the ground of the theater’s courtyard. Entering the famous courtyard is free of charge and here you can literally step into the footprints of people like Will Smith and Lucille Ball. The cast of Harry Potter has left their wand prints as well as their handprints. The interior of the theater is beautiful to see as well, so take some time to experience the old Hollywood glamour of the famous theater  // TCL Chinese 6 Theatres – 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

16:00 – Enjoy a the Classic Laid Back Los Angeles Atmosphere and Craft Coffee at Coffee Commissary

Third-wave coffee is quickly becoming a staple of the Los Angeles coffee scene. Coffee Commissary is a no-fuss, unpretentious coffee shop serving up some of the best artisan coffee. They pay special attention to detail and feature many local roasters that create a rich brew of coffee that you will love. This coffee shop has become beloved by locals and praised by coffee critics everywhere. Coffee Commissary has a laid back and breezy atmosphere and a minimalist design. This is the perfect place to take an afternoon break and sip some incredible coffee

Coffee Commissary brews beans from coffee capitals like Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. You can order this in the form of a mocha, latte, cold brew, pour over, or simple espresso. Whichever you decide, you will not be disappointed. Coffee Commissary has more than just coffee though. If you are not into this rich caffeinated drink, there are tea options as well as fresh juice, lemonade and Mexican coke. They also have wonderful fresh baked pastries to choose from as well as more filling options like sandwiches and salads if you are feeling hungry. Everything here is delicious and made with special attention to the details. You will love the food and drinks at Coffee Commissary

The atmosphere at Coffee Commissary is sleek and simple matching and the perfect environment for sipping on some delicious coffee. Like any good West Hollywood café, it is brightly lit and sunlight pours in from the windows. Interesting art and drawings are painted directly onto the walls picturing things like coffee cups, mermaids and bowling pins. It’s a quirky little place with lots of clean black and white décor and smooth wooden tables and benches. Enjoy your coffee and snacks while hanging out in this laid-back coffee shop. Coffee Commissary is an awesome place to spend part of your afternoon  // Coffee Commissary – 801 N Fairfax Ave #106, Los Angeles, CA 90046

17:00 – Hike Through Griffith Park and See the Beautiful View of the Hollywood Sign

There are several parks in the Hollywood hills that are favorite local places to hike, explore and enjoy the views. Griffith Park is one of the most popular of these parks with its many walking paths and incredible views of downtown Los Angeles. In true California fashion, the park is wild and rugged and a beautiful space to encounter nature. There are lots trails for hiking, playgrounds, picnic spots, tennis courts, and viewpoints. It is a great way to experience California’s beautiful nature while in the sprawling city of Los Angeles

One of the best views to experience from Griffith Park is the famous Hollywood sign nestled in the hills above Los Angeles. As you walk through the beautiful trails in the park, you will find many different vantage points from which to see the infamous sign. The Hollywood sign is one of those must-see Los Angeles landmarks. It has come to symbolize glamor, fame, and success. Get your camera out and snap some pictures as the California sun shines down upon the Hollywood hills. This is a quintessential Hollywood experience necessary for your Los Angeles day trip

The Hollywood sign was made in 1923 to advertise local real estate, but it was left there and became a symbol of Los Angeles. It can be seen from many places throughout the city, but Griffith Park offers some of the best and most well-known views of the landmark. Enjoy an afternoon out in nature seeing famous views of the city and the infamous sign. Los Angeles weather is almost guaranteed to be beautiful, so you are sure to have a wonderful time here at Griffith Park  // Griffith Park – 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027

18:30 – Learn About Outer Space While Seeing an Incredible View of Los Angeles at the Griffith Observatory

Within Griffith Park is the beautiful Griffith Observatory. This space is worth a visit for its views alone. You can see downtown Los Angeles as well as an aerial view of the surrounding areas. The observatory has an extensive number of space and science exhibits and is an interesting and educational museum. Enter the Griffith Observatory and wander through the orbit of the planets, twinkling exhibits about stars, and garden terraces that offer unparalleled views of Los Angeles. It’s an amazing place to visit on your Los Angeles day trip

One of the highlights of the Griffith Observatory is the Samuel Oschin Planetarium which offers live programs connecting visitors with astronomical wonders. Check the calendar when you enter the observatory and see if there is a show going on while you are there. The Wilder Hall of the Eye is an interactive exhibit that introduces visitors to the history of the way people have interacted with and viewed the sky. Ahmanson Hall of the Sky will teach you all about the phases of the moon, the way the seasons work, eclipses, tides, and the sun. The exhibits are captivating and interesting. Wander through the beautiful observatory and learn all about astronomy

There are lots of roofs and terraces at the Griffith Observatory that offer amazing views of Los Angeles. This is a popular and beautiful spot for wedding photos so don’t be surprised if you see a bride and groom posing in one of the terrace gardens. These are incredible spaces to wander through and take pictures of the cityscape as well as the intricate details of the observatory. This is an amazing atmosphere for spending time walking, exploring and learning about astronomy. There are lots to see and do at the Griffith Observatory  // Griffith Observatory – 2800 E Observatory Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

19:30 – Enjoy a Twinkling Dinner at the French California Restaurant Terrine

After a day among the stars head to the amazing California Brasserie, Terrine. This is one of LA’s top rated restaurants and offers delicious French food with some added California flair. The restaurant is beautifully lit and cozy with an airy open dining space and a lovely patio. California at dusk is the perfect time to enjoy this elegant and friendly restaurant. The food is amazing, the staff is incredibly welcoming and helpful and the atmosphere is unparalleled. Get ready to enjoy an incredible dinner experience here at Terrine

Once you are seated at a lovely table, you will be presented with a list of perfectly selected wines that will pair nicely with any of the options on the menu. Terrine’s dinner choice feature a varied choice of meats. Foie Gras is a classic French dish that Terrine prepares perfectly. They also have a delicious and interesting take on fish and chips. There are steaks and chicken dishes of course and incredible unique pizzas that don’t deviate from the French-Californian flavor. The food at Terrine does not disappoint and leaves you completely full by the end of the meal. It is an exquisite dinner experience that leaves your taste buds and stomach in total bliss

Enjoy the music playing and the wine glasses tinkling beneath the sparkle of rope lights as the sun sets over West Hollywood. The large reaching tree in the middle of the patio offers a delightful natural ambience in which to enjoy your meal. You will feel warm and satisfied about every part of this dining experience. You will clear your plate for sure and then just enjoy sitting in Terrine’s amazing atmosphere as you relax into the evening part of your Los Angeles Day trip. Terrine offers a perfect dining experience that you will be sure to love  // Terrine – 8265 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

21:00 – Spend an Evening at The Groundlings Improv Theater and Laugh Till You Cry

Los Angeles is home to a huge variety of talent including incredible stand-up comedians and variety performers. The Groundlings Improv and Sketch Comedy Theater is an iconic place where many famous stand-up comics got their start and continue to perform. The Groundlings is also a comedy school where students learn how to write and perform comedy routines. It has launched the careers of many hilarious stars. Get ready for a night of laughter and fun at this amazing Hollywood theater

The Groundlings Improv Theater hosts a variety of hilarious performances and shows. The stage has seen the likes of Will Ferrell, Kathy Griffin, Melissa McCarthy, Lisa Kudrow, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig. It continues to be the springboard for performers who are now on hit TV shows and movies and many go on to be writers and cast members for Saturday Night Live. As you walk into the theater you will find that is just a simple brick building without much flash. The real brilliance comes from the performers

Find a seat and get ready to be entertained. The sketch comedy shows are brilliantly hilarious and don’t be surprised if your side hurts from laughing so much. The infamous Pee-Wee Herman Show began on the stage of the Groundlings Improv Theater and many of the sketches performed here go on to be scenes in television shows or sketches on SNL. The current cast is incredibly talented and offers a hilarious performance and it is not uncommon for a famous alumnus to drop in for a visit. You will be in stitches after a night at the Groundlings Improv Theater  // Groundlings Improv Theater – 7307 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 9004

22:30 – Have Drinks in Old Hollywood Glamour at the Palihouse Rooftop Bar

Head to a rooftop bar for some casual drinks and a magical view. The Palihouse in West Hollywood has a gorgeous rooftop getaway known as Sunset Cocktail Lounge. This beautiful space is a wonderful way to spend an evening. Nestled in the heart of West Hollywood, the bar is located on top of the Palihouse Hotel and restaurant. The bar caters towards the creative and artistic types with a nod toward old Hollywood. It is a calm and cozy atmosphere with lots space to sit and enjoy some drinks. The rooftop bar is lit by the lights of the surrounding areas and it is a beautiful sight

At Sunset Cocktail Lounge at Palihouse, there is a live DH playing old classics and modern music. It is subtle and fitting for the atmosphere. The cocktails here are well crafted and delicious. Head over to the bar and chat up the friendly bartenders as they mix your drink. The service is quick but personal and you will be made to feel like a regular here at Palihouse. Enjoy a simple whiskey neat or a Midnight Train with scotch, ginger and smoked ice. Sip on your expertly crafted drink while you sit beneath the stars at the friendly Palihouse rooftop bar

This rooftop bar is a mix of old Hollywood glamour and laid-back California attitude. It makes it the perfect environment to spend an evening. The bar is black and white and gold with vanity lights lining the top of it. The seating is a mix of cozy couches, chic barstools and cushioned wicker chairs. The space is lined with ferns and other plants and there are a number of outdoor heaters in case the evening gets a little chilly. The Hollywood hills are the backdrop to all of this and the Beverly Hills mansions and Hollywood movie studios light up the surrounding area. It’s a magical space to enjoy some drinks on your Los Angeles Day trip  // The Palihouse – 8465 Holloway Dr, West Hollywood, CA 90069

23:59 – End Your Night In Style at The Iconic and Famous Roxbury Nightclub

One of the most historic and famous clubs in Hollywood is the Roxbury and it is the perfect place to end your Los Angeles day trip. In the 1980s and 90s it was visited regularly by celebrities like Madonna and Tom Cruise. It was also made more famous by the Will Ferrell comedy, “A Night at the Roxbury”. After being closed for several years, the Roxbury has reopened and it now lights up West Hollywood’s party scene. This is famous spot is the perfect place for you to enjoy a night of dancing and partying in real Hollywood style

When you walk into the club, you will be amazed by the cool industrial feel of the space and the lights that flash around you. There are quotes from The Beatles and Pablo Neruda lit up on the walls and tables in neon lights and a patio outside to wander out to and hang out on. Recent visitors to The Roxbury include Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Kobe Bryant. The Roxbury is known for its selective doorman so come dressed in your nicest clothes get ready for an exclusive night of partying

The Roxbury features many great DJs from the Los Angeles area and beyond. It’s an explosive musical atmosphere that will definitely inspire you to dance the night away. There are lots of booths if you want bottle service and a cozy place to sit. The staff is super friendly and helpful making sure you have a great time here at The Roxbury. Enjoy the end of a great day in the incredible city of Los Angeles. It has been a day and night filled with excitement. The Roxbury is the perfect place to wrap up a star-studded day  // Roxbury Nightclub – 1661 Ivar Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

We mapped out your day trip in Los Angeles

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What you should absolutely know about Los Angeles

City highlights, food & drinks, expressions, weather, how to get there and how to get around

Los Angeles day trips offer you infinite possibilities. L.A. has it all: magnificent ocean views, scenic places to hike, fabulous indie shopping, world-class art, delicious food, and amusement parks. Stroll through the vast Los Angeles’ Farmers Market and purchase fresh produce and other handcrafted items. Visit the Music Center and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to get a taste of L.A.’s rich cultural and musical heritage. Soak up some sun at Venice Beach or rent bikes cruise around the city. Enjoy your time in the spotlight while in Los Angeles

Each year, millions of tourists flock to the Hollywood Boulevard to pay tribute to their favorite stars and artists. Spend a night gazing through telescopes at stars at the Griffin Observatory or visit the animals at the Los Angeles Zoo

Sample the iconic strawberry donut or chow down on a baseball steak. L.A.’s shrimp tacos are legendary and their hoecake is delicious. For breakfast, look no farther than a chorizo breakfast burrito and for lunch, try a pastrami sandwich

Los Angeles has a lot of slang you may not recognize. When someone says “”I’m about to head into the canyon”, they simply mean they are predicting loss of cell phone reception. “The Strand” is the bike path on the beach and the main airport is the “LAX”

In Los Angeles, there tend to be three seasons: summer, winter, and spring. Summers are warm, rarely exceeding 90 degrees and often have foggy mornings. Fall and early winter bring strong winds and cooler temperatures, yet still has temperatures in the 70s

Taking a taxi from the airport to the city center costs about $40. Buses are also an excellent option, and are quite a bit cheaper ($5 for an all-day pass). Long-distance vans and shuttles are also available to get into the city

Los Angeles has over 200 metro bus lines and 6 metro rail lines to choose from when traveling around the city. Bike paths and lanes are popular and bikes are easy to rent in the city. Get a unique view with tailored sightseeing tours

Feeling adventurous? Have a look at these city guides